Language : Malayalam

Unni Mukundan Returns as Marco Jr in Haneef Adeni's 'Marco'

Unni Mukundan is making a comeback as Marco Jr., the cold-blooded gangster, in the much-anticipated film 'Marco.' The movie takes a deep dive into the intriguing character 'Marco,' introduced in Haneef Adeni's previous action-packed venture, also titled 'Marco.' 'Marco,' written and directed by Haneef Adeni himself, will explore the mysterious past of 'Marco,' whose fate was sealed in the movie 'Michael.' Unni Mukundan will reprise his role as Marco Jr, the ruthless gangster, in this new crime thriller. The movie is poised to reveal uncharted aspects of the character, offering a potentially intricate and intriguing backstory for the underworld gangster depicted in the 2019 film.

Breaking the mold, the minds behind "Marco" have reimagined the villainous Marco from "Mikhael" as a protagonist. This unique twist is set to deliver a pulse-pounding adventure, packed with intense action scenes. The film's haunting music and background score intensify the fear factor associated with Marco's character.

Produced by Shareef Muhammed and Abdul Gadhaf, the film is brought to you by Cubes Entertainments. As for the rest of the team and the release date, those secrets are being well-kept. Keep an eye out for its 2024 release, date to be disclosed.