Marco Commenced Shooting

Unni Mukundan's movie "Marco" started shooting on May 3rd of this year. The movie is directed by Haneef Adeni and is based on the antagonist character Marco from the 2019 film "Michael". "Marco" is expected to be an action-packed film with Unni Mukundan playing the gangster Marco. 

The cast of Marco includes Kabir Duhan Singh, Anson Paul, Siddique, and Jagadish. Abhimanyu Shammy Thilakan, grandson of the legendary Thilakan and son of Shammy, makes his debut in the film. The film features Chandru Selvaraj as the cinematographer, Shameer Muhammed as the editor and Ravi Basrur as the composer. Kalai Kingson will be choreographing the action sequences for the movie.

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